The team

MARIGÚ LÓPEZ – Director, Co-Founder, Primary Education Teacher. Mother of twins (her Two Beats [Dos Latidos]!), Psychologist and Primary Education Teacher, she has been a trainer and educator for more than 24 years. In 2008, the experience of being a mother completely transformed her idea of childhood, developing a particular interest in parenting with attachment and being a conscious mother. She began to practice this style of education, recognizing it as being more respectful towards her children. In 2012 she started exploring and doing extensive researching in the field of active and experiential education. Since then, she has continued to participate in many courses, seminars, workshops, and conferences which allow her to continue to professionalize every day. 

1988-1993: Licensed in Psychology by Universidad Complutense de Madrid, simultaneously obtained a double specialty in Clinical Psychology and Psychology of Human Resources.
1993-1995: Practiced for 3 years as a psychologist-therapist, serving children and adults.
1995-2015: After discovering her passion for teaching, she worked for 20 years as a consultant, educator and trainer, working with both young people and adults. In 2005 she started her own training and consulting company with Sergio Cotado.
2014-2015: Completed the Advanced University Course “Active education and respectful childhood accompaniment (II Promotion)” at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos de Móstoles (Madrid).
May 2015: after years of preparation, she and Sergio Cotado started Dos Latidos.
2015-2017: Obtained a Master’s Degree in Primary Education, Universidad Internacional de La Rioja.

SERGIO COTADO – Manager, Co-Founder, Primary Education Teacher. Father of twins (his Two Beats [Dos Latidos]!), certified coach, Diploma in Tourism and professional pilot, he has been an adult trainer and educator for more than 14 years. With the birth of his two children in 2008 he began to relate to the world of childhood and education in a different way. It encouraged him to approach the field of educational coaching, working with teams of teachers to improve their teaching skills and to encourage self-directed learning of their students. He has worked alongside Marigú López down the path of development and training within the field of active education.

1993-1997: studied to obtain his Airline Transport Pilot Liscence.
1997-2005): Worked for 8 years as a Sales Director in the automotive sector.
2000-2004: Obtained a Diploma in Business Administration and Management from the Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia.
2005-2006: Recognizing training as a fundamental tool for personal development, he completed a Higher Occupational Training Course. In 2005 he started his own Training and Consulting company with Marigú López.
2005-2015: For 10 years, he worked as a consultant, trainer and coach in companies from different sectors. He specialized in the implementation of educational coaching programs in schools for early childhood, primary and secondary education.
2014-2015: Completed the Advanced University Course “Active education and respectful childhood accompaniment (II Promotion)” at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos de Móstoles (Madrid).
May 2015: after years of preparation, he and Marigú López started Dos Latidos.
He is currently working towards his certification as a Secondary Education Teacher.

ANNE JENNI Primary Education Teacher. Mother of two sons, Primary Education Teacher, she has been an educator for 17 years. She lived and worked in Switzerland, USA, Spain and Brazil. Since always she felt curious about other cultures and languages. Becoming a mother surrounded by Brazilian rainforest, she discovered the importance of trusting her instincts, her baby and his rhythm. That’s when she also became aware of her need to find a different way of teaching and a new form of schooling. She worked in different national and international Swiss Schools which follow the Pestalozzi philosophy (head, heart and hands). But even so, she felt the need to go further and find a more conscious form of education – that’s what she found in Dos Latidos. She obtained the title of Primary Education Teacher in 2002 and the  Master of NLP IANLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) in 2007 in Switzerland. She then took a course on Forest School methodology in 2015 in Spain.

JUDITH VIZCAíNO – Infant Education Teacher. Mother of two boys, infant education teacher, and holds an Advanced Technical Degree in E.I, she joined Dos Latidos in 2016 after 10 years of experiences in schools and infant education (with children aged 0 to 6 years). After this experience, she decided to change her path and leave the conventional school system so as to provide a true difference to the students she works with, through a more respectful form of accompaniment. When she decided to become a mother, she reaffirmed her belief in the importance of accompanying children through all of life’s processes. In the past few years she has specialized in active pedagogies and is trained in ABP, Project Based Learning (William Kilpatrich, Dewey’s disciple), Understanding Projects (David Perkins, Howard Gardner, in research programs at the Harvard Zero Project), and Multiple Intelligences (Howard Gardner), among other disciplines.

ELENA GARCÍA – Primary and Infant Education Teacher. She is a mother, holds an Advanced Technical Degree in Sociocultural Animation, and an OTL Monitor. 10 years ago, while studying for her Diploma of Social Education, she immersed herself in the great adventure of being a mother of twins. This aroused in her a need to expand her knowledge about the world of education, making her actively involve herself in an alternative education that is closer to the interests of the child. For this reason, she resumed her studies and obtained an Advanced Technical Degree in Early Childhood Education. She is also educated in Active Education in El Pez Luna, in Psychomotor Practice of Aucouturier in CEFOPP, in Positive Discipline with Laura García Pérez, among other courses. She is currently continuing her education with particular focus on Creative Development, Forest School methodology, Active Listening, and Nonviolent Communication.

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JULIETTE WACHSMUTH – Language Assistant, infant and primary education.
A pedagogue from Germany, she joins Dos Latidos for the spring period of 2019-2020. She holds Bachelor degrees in Culture sciences with the thematic of education, sociology and art pedagogy. In Europe, she is active in several education programs by teaching with the non formal education system. Juliette believes that children can increase their own potential in focusing on their interests and needs for an active learning. With the alternative school she is happy to use these methods in workshops and at the same time include the English language as a normal use to the daily life of the children.