Dos Latidos is…


Dos Latidos, international school inaugurated in 2015, is an innovative school with a high capacity to adapt to the needs and interests of each student, keeping in mind and respecting each students’ learning pace. Not all people are the same, so it is logical that our needs are not the same either.

Dos Latidos is also a meeting place where we assist students through well-balanced personal development, with equal attention to emotional, cognitive, physical, social, and ethical aspects of their development. Because we believe they are all important and feed the body, mind, and souls of every student.

Dos Latidos is a spectacular stage from which each student is able to passionately present themselves and the work that is important in their life, without fear or judgment. Every step of the way, our students are learning intensely, actively, and experientially. 

Dos Latidos is a developing space in which students work with determination every day, choosing what they will learn based on what they truly care about, and overcoming challenges when they feel the time is right for them. There is no better way to guarantee comprehensive, profound, and lasting learning. 

Dos Latidos is a school where the teachers observe and listen attentivelyto every student, so as to never miss an opportunity to help extend and expand their interests. And if it is needed, we are always available to help complement and provide guidance to students in their free choice.  

Dos Latidos is a learning laboratory in which students of every age request workshops of interest to them, while the teachers offer a wide variety of activities to choose from; because experience has demonstrated to us that it can be difficult to want to learn something if you do not know it exists.  

Dos Latidos is a place we consider to be a game (in the broadest sense of the term); it is the learning tool that our species has perfected through millions of years of evolution. We protect and encourage this kind of learning at all ages. 

Dos Latidos is a school that offers every student a space to flourish, because here, learning is synonymous with adventure, taking on challenges, questioning what we see, having fun, risk-taking, failing, being frustrated, trying again, developing curiosity, empowering yourself, investigating, concentrating, getting to know yourself, building relationships with others, displaying creativity, discovering, being amazed, contemplating… 

We are very proud to have created a school so similar to life itself. The door is open.. are you coming in?